Key information about us

Who we are: young aspiring company working on becoming a great one in future.

Our area of activity: development, promotion and support of game applications in social networks.

Primary field: classic board games (backgammon, checkers, chess and so on)

Our achievements: two games already launched (Nard and Backgammon) in four social networks (vkontakte, odnoklassniki,, facebook) drawing 100 000 players a day.
Our team: consists of talented and ambitions young professionals: designers, programmers, market analysts and others. Each one of those people loves what they are doing and are extremely good at it. We all have the same thing in common that unites us: we feel passionate about our common project and goals set.

Distinct characteristics of our game applications: convenient and thoroughly designed interface with every detail thought-out carefully.

Our office is a place we create while feeling comfortable. It's well-equipped and located in an office building in the center of Prague.

Our mission: we can offer classic board games realized in best quality in largest social networks.


Phone: +420 255 725 444

ul. Karla Engliše 3201/6
Smíchov, Praha 5
Czech Republic, 150 00

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