Senior Flash/Flex Engineer

Main responsibilities:

  • writing code to design client game application functionality (multi-user games based on SmartFoxServer 1.6.9 and 2X);
  • code optimization (currently existing and newly written);
  • designing API interaction with front-end (together with programmers of the server component);
  • creating simple program animation;
  • integration of designer elements (both animated and static) in the product;
  • regular interaction with other team members


  • advanced knowledge of ActionScript 3.0 with developing experience of 2 years minimum;
  • experience in developing client-server applications;
  • experience in working with remote services through API;
  • good knowledge of and experience in application designing, understanding and being able to implement classic design templates;
  • excellent ability to think in MVC (PureMVC);
  • ambition to design "polished" UI;
  • ability to work with revision control system (git);
  • Language skills: written and spoken English


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  • Employment contract, paid vacations
  • Outstanding financial remuneration, bonuses
  • Great opportunity for personal growth and career advancement
  • Modern office in close proximity to the subway, professional friendly work environment and a lot more

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