Line of classic board games

We publish classic board games in social networks. People that prefer spending their spare time with use and enjoyment are our target audience. We direct our efforts towards bringing you the best board games people have been playing for centuries. These games are very much like the great discoveries in science and art masterpieces: they remain relevant as time passes by.

Our game applications are unlike any other ones: they are tastefully made, simple and convenient, yet the interface is carefully thought through.  We work hard to make our games even more fun to play by introducing new elements - tournaments, achievements, replaceable gaming tools and so on. All those factors make it possible for the player to immerse themselves into the game easily getting the most satisfaction from it.


Today two of our games (Nard and Backgammon) have been launched in four social networks drawing over 100 000 players a day. This is only a beginning for us!

Our games are gaining more and more popularity. Very soon we are planning to launch an entire line of classic board games, such as checkers, chess, Go and others. As always, they will be made with our hearts and skills fully applied, in best quality possible.

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Dlinnye Nardy

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